Heirloom Organic Rocket (Roquette) Select Arugula Seeds

Heirloom Organic Rocket (Roquette) Select Arugula Seeds

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Heirloom Organic Rocket Select Arugula Seeds (25)

Arugula, also called Roquette, is a leafy green vegetable, like lettuce and spinach. Native to the Mediterranean and Asia, Roquette is a member of the mustard family. Like other leaf crops, growing Arugula in cool weather is best. The Name Game: Arugula, or Roquette, is known by several other names, including Rocket, Garden Rocket, Rucola, Rugola, and Rocket Salad. Roquette is a leafy vegetable with a peppery, spicy taste. It is most commonly used for salad greens, or cooked like spinach. It is also used it in soups, pastas and pestos.

Sowing Roquette or Arugula Seeds:
Arugula or Roquette is grown from seed. Directly sow Roquette seeds your vegetable garden early in the season. Cover seeds lightly with 1/8" or less of fine garden or seed starting soil. Seeds will sprout in 3-10 days. Seeds sprout in cool soil at 40 to 55 degrees.
After seedlings have sprouted, thin t two inches apart in rows 12" - 18" apart.

How to Grow Arugula or Roquette:
Arugula or Roquette is easy to grow. It likes full sun, but will tolerate partial shade.
For best results, grow Arugula or Roquette, quickly during cool weather, in moist, fertile soil. It gets the name "Rocket" for its speedy growth under these conditions.
The soil should be rich, and drain well. Mix compost into the soil, prior to planting. Add fertilizer when planting.

Weed around plants frequently.

Plants thrive in cool weather. Plant crops for spring and fall. For a continuous harvest during this period, plant succession crops.

Arugula will withstand light frosts.

Roquette is ready to harvest in 40 days. Pick young, tender leaves. Larger leaves get tough and bitter tasting. Leaves can also taste bitter in warmer weather. Eat greens fresh, in a salad, or cooked like spinach.