About the Owner

Hello, I am Susan and I have been gardening for around 28 years.  I recently graduated with a degree in Ag Business.  I have a small home based farm where I grow out all the seeds I list every season on this site.  Gardening is my passion in life, but I did not come to the realization that I could do this as a career until a later age.  I have a seven year old son and two wonderful bonus kids along with a supportive fiance who helps me garden everyday.  Along with running my seed company and small farm I am doing my two years with Americorps, a subsidiary of the CDC.  I am currently working with PRI Healthcorps which helps with food insecurities in our community.  We have three community gardens here and we built a 80x100 foot greenhouse over the winter.  We practice sustainable gardening.  All of the produce we grow goes to our local community in need and our food bank.  I really enjoy the gardening lifestyle and having a career in what I love to do.